Beautiful Criminal (Omertà Law, Book #1) (Paperback)

Beautiful Criminal (Omertà Law, Book #1) Cover Image
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As the son of the infamous boss of the DeAngelo family, I have merciless duties expected of me. The public labels me a monster, a man without a soul, and one hated by many.They're not wrong, and I'm not sorry for it. When my father orders me to marry a longtime enemy's daughter to settle a score between our families, she did what any smart woman with a beating heart would do. She ran. So, I found her.She tries to negotiate for her freedom, but despite being inexplicably drawn to the deviant woman, I refuse her pitiful bribes with pleasure.I still have a job to do, and I'll make her tell me her family's secrets, turning a treacherous situation into a game of hatred.A code of silence will be broken.Lines will be crossed. I'll promise her freedom to get the answers I need, but I'll burn this city to the ground before I let her go.

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ISBN: 9798668341078
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: July 22nd, 2020
Pages: 190
Language: English