Crimson Moon Hideaway: Dragon Falling (Paperback)

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Family is everything to Ellie MacLeish...everything. Every day for three years, she's mourned the loss of her parents, tried to find the people responsible for their murders. Holding tight to her only living family - her sister and her aunt - this brave young Witch searches for answers in the most unlikely of places.When assigned the murder case of two powerful Witches very close to his hometown, Agent Ranger Evans never expected to find his Mate in the process. Unfortunately, three years have passed, he's recovering from a life-threatening fight with the people responsible, and he's no closer to claiming the sweet Ellie MacLeish as his own.Why is it danger is always lurking in the most unlikely places? Who could be orchestrating the murder of innocent Witches? Why leave their bodies out in the open to be found so easily? Can the answers truly lie at the exclusive Crimson Moon Resort?Only Destiny knows the answers and She's not talking. But, one thing's for sure Fate Will Not Be Denied, and neither will the sexy Agent Evans.Meet the NEWEST CLAN in the EPIC Dragon Guard Series - the DRAGON INTELLIGENCE AGENCY Get ready for mystery and intrigue, good guys taking on the bad guys, and LOTS of steamy romance These Dragons refuse to give up They are Superheroes in Scales and they're here to Save The Day Can't wait to hear what you think of the DIA. Take Care XOXO, Julia.

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ISBN: 9798577943288
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: December 7th, 2020
Pages: 218
Language: English