Divide Theory: A Layer Deeper: Mirrors Book II (Paperback)

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The thrilling sequel to Mirrors
Sarah and Sam are back in the fast paced, globetrotting sequel to Mirrors.

To unravel the secrets of the shadowy forces that threaten the world, Sarah and Sam must push their unique abilities to new heights. Travelling the globe, they follow a trail of clues that leads them ever closer to the truth. When they finally uncover the sinister plot of their foes, no one is safe - including their friends and family.

As they work to expose their enemies and bring them down, can Sarah and Sam maintain their bond and stay alive?

What reviewers are saying:

"From Sonya Williams, the writer of the sci-fi novel Mirrors comes the exciting sequel Divide Theory. Divide Theory unfolds a story of dual realities, global politics, personal deception, scientific study, mind controlling evil, and above all else friendship as the pair and their teams work together to save the world before it's too late." -Jessie C.

"Continuing our journey with Sarah and Sam was seamless from Mirrors and kept the pages turning. The mystery combined with science made you want to keep going to learn more about what was happening in their world. Imagery combined with careful emotional wording painted each character and scene as if you were watching a movie as you read. Most definitely would recommend Divide Theory for those who are looking for a great read that keeps you wanting more " -Brittanie H.

"I absolutely LOVED this second book I feel like there have been many book series that I have read where the first book is better and subsequent books in the series never quite hold up to the initial book - that is not the case here. While I thoroughly enjoyed reading Mirrors, Divide Theory was even more fun to read. I connected so much to the two protagonists that I am still thinking of them, even though I finished reading. That is how I know that these books are wonderful - they don't leave my mind for a while. It would not surprise me to see both books made into movies. I would definitely recommend the series to anyone who loves a good story Maybe I can hope for a spin-off story?" -Jennifer S.

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ISBN: 9781949964356
ISBN-10: 1949964353
Publisher: Chandra Press LLC
Publication Date: December 1st, 2020
Pages: 264
Language: English