Birds Are Not For The Cat (Paperback)

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Arbitrary rules, convoluted instructions, invisible management, horrific accidental deaths: all part of the deal for Pete and Sam, two factory floor stooges who experience dissatisfaction on an elemental level. Their primal sense of entrapment blossoms into full-blown paranoia when the hand-drawn safety posters, plastered profusely throughout the factory, begin to predict the future/deaths of their colleagues. Still, it's only paranoia if you're crazy... Pete and Sam soon lose track of the difference between their waking nightmares and the actual dangers of the factory. They're pretty sure someone-if not everyone-is trying to kill them. But they soon discover abandoning ship is impossible, and that filing a complaint with management would be unhealthy. Birds Are Not For the Cat was inspired by vintage hand-painted Dutch factory safety posters. This genre-bending novella challenges what it means to be sane, prescribing a healthy dose of chaos in the process.

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ISBN: 9781544762029
ISBN-10: 154476202X
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: March 14th, 2015
Pages: 112
Language: English