To Be a Pilgrim: A Modern Christian Allegory Inspired by John Bunyan's The Pilgrim's Progress (Paperback)

To Be a Pilgrim: A Modern Christian Allegory Inspired by John Bunyan's The Pilgrim's Progress Cover Image
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The rag man is doomed aboard the U.S.S. Destruction, a cruiser in the United States Navy turning circles in the middle of the ocean.

Christian Newman, a First Class Boatswain's Mate and deep sea diver is the rag man. Burdened with the guilt and shame of his sin as revealed in the book in his hand, he must escape the nuclear holocaust destined for his ship, which will sink the cruiser below Davey Jones' Locker.

When Evan Gelist Herald, a preacher and evangelist, points the rag man toward a small hatch on the beach, the sailor jumps ship and his adventure begins. With a course set for the hatch and the cross of Christ on the narrow way, his pilgrimage will take Newman through many dangers, trials and tribulations along his way to the Celestial City. He will meet with angels, actors, lions, liars, giants, dragons, zombies, angry mobs, Satan's Spout, and a multitude of circumstances to test his faith in Christ and his love for Christ.

John Bunyan's famous allegory, The Pilgrim's Progress, is one of the most read books in the English language, second only to the King James Version of the Holy Bible.

Today, however, there is a generation of Christians who have never read The Pilgrim's Progress. There are others who have attempted to read it, but 17th century puritanical English has been much too difficult for the reader to grasp. With others still, who may have read a more updated and modern version of Mr. Bunyan's allegory, for them the book needed more explanation or commentary.

In To Be a Pilgrim, pastor and author, Jon J. Cardwell, attempts to solve the problem with a slight twist by creating a book that goes beyond a mere modern translation. This book provides particular insights into Bunyan's famous story without diminishing the allegory with a great deal of doctrinal commentary thrown in here and there to disrupt the poetic beauty of the work.

Because the book is in novel form, the telling of John Bunyan's great allegory can be told while maintaining the power, impact and poetic beauty of the original.

As popular as this classic tome was, it has lost much of its modern audience through the antiquated language and expressions of the Puritans; and not only that, some of the allegorical scenes, painted with colorful and powerful words from Bunyan's mind, were serious indictments of religion during Bunyan's day under King Charles II and the Clarendon Code, whereas, while the basic roots of their evil and error were still there, today they have taken on a different dimension as well as a different perspective.

This book is unique because, although it follows the basic story line of The Pilgrim's Progress, it has modernized the elements. A strict modernization may only serve to reveal the history of John Bunyan's day, rather than to convey the gravity, and even the danger of the perspectives and attitudes existing during his lifetime and experience. To Be a Pilgrim attempts to update the elements to show, not only its historical importance, but how the root of the sin behind those prevailing thoughts are still relevant today. Therefore, To Be a Pilgrim has added some elements that connect the past with the present.

You can also expect some new elements inserted into this allegory, from those spiritual errors quite relevant and pervasive today, as well as the introduction of some new characters to help bring the story into the 21st century....

Oh yeah, and there are zombies in this modern tale in order to bring to life and illuminate some important spiritual truths.

Get Your Copy Today and enjoy the modern spiritual allegory while being enriched in your Christian walk.

Available in trade paperback and Kindle eBook.

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