The Warcraft Of Business (Paperback)

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What do video games have to do with running a highly profitable and effective business? If you listen to the media and the talking heads you would think not much. In fact, if you listen to the media, you would think that video games have no redeeming features at all. This book seeks to change that thinking.Thanks to over a decade of experience playing a single online game, Dr. Bradford Carlton was able to translate the million little lessons relevant to leadership development, organizational growth, and long-term planning into a successful and lucrative business and coaching career.If you've ever thought to yourself that you are so much more than "just a gamer," and have some hidden talents lying just under the surface, this book was made for you. Please enjoy my tale of how Dr. Bradford Carlton went from a shy, nervous, and awkward (he still is awkward...) boy into a business wheeling and dealing master thanks to his time and experience playing video games.With this book, you will be able to learn from his failures, mistakes, and victories to become a success yourself in record time.

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ISBN: 9780999406670
ISBN-10: 0999406671
Publisher: Carlton Family Corporation
Publication Date: October 23rd, 2019
Pages: 222
Language: English